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Original Adult Birthday Cake Ideas Christian Louboutin
While a birthday for an adult may not be as exciting as when we were children, it doesn't mean the date should not
Christian Louboutin be celebrated. In fact, not only can adult birthdays still be fun, they can also memorable when originality plays a part. Don't just pick up any old generic birthday cake. Have some fun with a more personalized confection.Does this Spark an idea?Other People Are ReadingCake Decorating Ideas for a BaptismAdult Birthday Cake IdeasPrint this article Billiards CakeMake this cake for someone who either loves the sport or the serious pool player who is a member of the American Pool Association. You can shape the bottom part of the cake like a triangle, and then decorate the top part to look like the balls when they are in the rack. Be sure to decorate the balls so that they look like the real thing.Stiletto HeelsFashionistas of any age will enjoy this cake. Shape a pan to resemble a high heeled stiletto. If the birthday girl has a favorite shoe designer, try to incorporate that. For example, for the woman who loves Christian Louboutin, use food coloring to make the bottom of the shoe red----just like real Louboutins.New York SkylineThis is a great cake for the New Yorker who loves his city. You can do this cake two ways. You can either take his favorite picture of the New York City skyline and have it printed on edible icing, or you can cut a pan cake to resemble some of the most famous buildings in NYC.Paint Brush and EaselAny painter will enjoy this cake. Show him that you care about his hobbies with a paint brush and easel cake. To make it even more unique, perhaps take a picture of one of his paintings, and have it printed on edible icing. Put that icing right on the easel.DegreeIf your loved one just earned her degree, show her that you are proud. Regardless of what degree it is, it is a monumental time in her life. Have the degree printed on edible icing and placed on a sheet cake.School MascotIf your friend is proud of where he graduated, support that pride with a school mascot birthday cake. He can wear his school mascot on his sweatshirt and now he can eat it too.CheckersDo you have a friend who loves to spend time playing checkers? Just decorate a square cake with black and white squares and add red and black candy pieces.Beer PongJust because an adult is out of college doesn't mean the frat parties have to end. Turn his birthday into a frat-themed party with kegs and a cake designed to look like a real beer pong game.American FlagIf you've got an adult friend who just finished up a tour overseas, say happy birthday while telling them that you are proud. A simple red, white and blue flag cake will not only taste good, but it's patriotic and will make him proud.SoccerIf your boyfriend spends his weekend playing soccer in the park, let his love for the sport extend to his birthday Christian Louboutin Shoes. Shape a cake like a soccer ball and decorate it. This works for any sports lover, including basketball, football and baseball.

Product Line Christian Louboutin Shoes Extension Strategy
A product line is a group of products that
Christian Louboutin Outlet have similar functions. Offering multiple products to your customers is a strong marketing strategy that provides customer choice and allows you to reach a broader audience. Successful companies look for methods to expand their current product line to enhance profits and increase their market share. The best product line extension strategies capitalize on the success of existing products and enhance the brand image of your products.Other People Are ReadingHow Does Product Extension Work?What Is Product Extension in Marketing?Print this article SizeExtend your product line by offering products in different sizes. If you sell a consumable product, offer your product in multiple sizes. Sell drinks in small, medium and large sizes to maximize your product placement options. Smaller-size products can be placed in convenience stores, near checkout counters, and can help introduce your product to new customers. Smaller-size options can encourage customers to try your product and can lead to an increase in overall sales.If you sell durable goods, create products that cater to a wide range of individuals. For example, create large wheelchairs to cater to the plus-size market and small wheelchairs for children or petite individuals. Creating your product in different sizes is a logical extension of your current products and can lead to greater product awareness It enables you to reach targeted customer groups that are not serviced by your competitors.Product ChangesUse slight product changes as an extension of products that are nearing the end of their life cycle. Recapture sagging market share by updating your products with new colors or ingredients. Consider reinvigorating your products by making them more ecologically friendly. Reinforce the impact of your product changes through marketing and product messaging. If you sell colored pencils, change your pencil material from wood to bamboo or a renewable product. Prominently note this change on your packaging and increase your sales to eco-conscious consumers and grab the attention of your traditional customers.QualityExtend your product line naturally through quality differences . Offer a range of products from low cost, lower quality to high cost, higher quality. This range of products allows you to reach customers at various price points and income levels. Offering products of the highest quality, you boost the prestige of your lower-priced options. You also help customers frame their purchases based on the quality they seek. For example, if you sell shampoo, offer a prestige product, a standard product and an economical product. Customers who want to pamper themselves will choose the prestige product, while customers on a strict budget will see your economical offer as more valuable than a generic competitor. By offering multiple quality levels, you also leave less room for new competitors to find a competitive niche against your products.Christian Louboutin Shoes

Direct Email Marketing Christian Louboutin Shoes Strategies
Effective direct email marketing strategies target receptive customers with messaging that Christian Louboutin Shoes correlates to increased customer retention or increased sales. By targeting emails and messages based on available data and through segmentation, you will increase the impact of your marketing efforts and enhance your customer's perception of your business. Make sure your direct email strategies are customized and useful to ensure customer satisfaction with email communications.Other People Are ReadingHow to Market Email SolutionsData Marketing StrategyPrint this article Competitor ListsSubscribe to email marketing lists for your competitors. Look at the information and offers they present to their clients. Use this information to offer competitive specials and information. Do not repeat information in their offers because you may be targeting some of the same customers. Use their email marketing communications to create your own marketing strategy that differentiates your service from your competitors.SegmentationSegment your list and create direct email marketing campaigns for each group. For example, you can segment your list by new customers and existing customers to customize product offers and information. For new customers, offer a money-back guarantee to convert hesitant customers. For existing customers, offer an updated product or additional service at a "valued customer" rate.PersonalizationPersonalize each email with the customer's name and other relevant information when available. For example, if you have information on a customer's recent purchase, put a reference in your email to the product or service purchased
. This customization allows your email to connect with your client and makes your customer feel more appreciated.Customer RelationsUse direct email marketing to improve customer relations. Send emails based on customer contacts to solicit responses and to ensure customer satisfaction. For example, send emails after a customer contacts your customer service department to ensure they received acceptable service and find out if they have further customer service needs. You can also use emails as an after-purchase follow-up to ensure delivery. You can make these emails interactive through polls and links to information on your company website.UpsellsUse direct emails to upsell customers to new or complementary products. Based on customer purchases, offer products that are targeted to their buying patterns. For example, if a customer buys many beauty products from your website in the same brand, send an email offer for a newly released product in the same brand. This direct email marketing approach can increase sales and alert customers to new and helpful products. Christian Louboutin Outlet